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Water Refilling Station - worldwide


Interesting for franchises

“oxygen-water module for refilling station” - this has a flow volume of up to 10 litres per minute. (picture: We reserve the right to make changes. The module can be individually adjusted.)

Definition: Water refilling stations are retail points. The customer goes to the water shop with the empty bottles he has brought with him or has bought in the shop to fill them himself with water from the supply points provided and pays the water shop operator a set amount for the water supplied. Each supply point is equipped with a module (= “water shop module”) which contains the futomat-technology. A water shop can consist of several modules.

Advantages of this technology:

  • Enrichment of the drinking water with oxygen
  • Centripetal whirling of the drinking water
  • Magnetization of the drinking water
  • Advanced technology, highest functionality
  • Easy connection to drinking water main
  • Specific output: on demand

What is included in a module?

  • System control
  • Whirling reaction chamber
  • Magnetic field whirling

What is not included in a module?

  • the refilling station (cupboard for the module)
  • the measurement system for water quantity
  • the water filter system
  • the oxygen supply

What's special about futomat water?
Link: scroll to "Why oxygen water from futomat"


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