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Thermal tap disinfection - clean-IG - Made in Germany


Thomas R. Funk wants this patented clean-IG technology to be used worldwide. He therefore offers the know-how for sale worldwide. Manufacturers of fittings and water dispensers should feel addressed by this article. This know-how could also be of great benefit to an IT company that can implement “Industry 4.0” and cooperates with one or more valve manufacturers.

Notice: This page contains texts from the book - Link: water - blood - data 


tap disinfection by futomat - protecting shield

Illustration - protecting shield: 360° safety screen: 1-volume and total counter, 2-accurate time log of water withdrawal, 3-futomat-timer for freely programmable water withdrawal, 4-solenoid valve for automatic water withdrawal, 5-filter, 6-outlet tap with 6a induction coil .

The clean-IG technology was developed as a redundant microcontroller system (two mutually monitoring microcontrollers). As a result, the clean-IG technology offers maximum efficiency and operational safety during disinfection. The most important functions are:

  • Thermal disinfection is started automatically after each water discharge, also optionally in different time cycles.
  • Each disinfection is monitored. It is documented whether it has taken place completely.
  • There is a memory function. This ensures that disinfection is continued if the tap is used again during the disinfection period.
  • There is a choice of two safety levels: In "industrial mode", the water continues to run even if there is a fault indication. In "hospital mode", the water delivery is stopped in case of a malfunction indication. Once a service technician has corrected the problem, the system is reactivated.
  • clean-IG is open for updates. This ensures that the system is always up to date and that possible weak points in the programme can be eliminated. The system can thus be flexibly expanded for all future requirements.
  • clean-IG is a customisable component. It can be easily adapted to a wide variety of conditions and requirements. clean-IG can also be used without "Industry 4.0", for example. 

tap disinfection by futomat - fleet management

clean-IG can be integrated into any local IT network via WiFi or Ethernet. Even without an available local IT network, clean-IG can be easily networked via IIoT radio technology (Industrial Internet of Things.The clean-IG water delivery system is fully digital and can therefore be integrated into any "Industry 4.0" environment. The control unit monitors itself and provides a complete overview of all digitally recorded parameters. These include temperature, individual and total counters for the volume of water dispensed and the corresponding time. Directly on the fitting of each tap, it is possible to integrate a visual display that informs about the functional status of the cleaning system.


tap disinfection by futomat - suitable for photovoltaics

Further advantages are: The IG works with 24 volts DC - direct current. In addition, the clean-IG technology is photovoltaic-compatible. Even with a solar panel with an output of 165 watts, enough electricity is generated on a summer day with 6 hours of sunshine to produce the energy for 1320 heating phases, provided that the energy can be stored with a battery.


tap disinfection by futomat - clean-IG induction genrerator coil - patented


There is a small induction generator coil (IG) at the outlet tap. This is heated to the desired final temperature of 135 °C in approx. 90 seconds. Legionella are killed at such temperatures. Combined with regular flushing, the clean-IG® technology makes possible contamination directly in the water outlet and - associated with this - possible retrograde contamination almost impossible.

clean-IG - technical data

The technical data for the clean-IG are as follows:

  • voltage: 24 V
  • current: 1.2 A
  • output: 28.80 W ≈ 30 W
  • The heating time is approx. 90 s
  • The temperature reached in approx. 90 s is 135 °C               

The clean-IG technology is already built into the futomat water dispenser and in this combination, it has passed the EMV test for electromagnetic compatibility and is also TÜV-tested. Intelligent thermal disinfection can also be useful in private households, especially if many people live together or if the occupants of the household attach great importance to optimum hygiene at the outlet tap.

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