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The natural source of water.

Dip in a world of natural energy, original power and unique beauty.

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futomat ist safe drinking water: the natural source of water

Water means life! Dip in a world of natural energy, original power and unique beauty. Water has no alternatives - If we treat it well, it will give us back its strength and vitality. futomat offers one way back to nature and gives the water what it needs:

  • purity
  • magnetism
  • oxygen
  • vortex energy

And so water becomes once again your source of energy.


Purified water with vortex energy : the patent futomat procedure

Nature is our example!

We have succeeded in developing a procedure where the treatment of the water is as close to natural as possible.
By filtering, like the earth does, through magnetism, how this happens when the ground water stays in the earth, through centripetal turbulence like with natural mountain water and oxygen enrichment like a water fall, or when the water falls freely from the sky.
We have integrated this unique procedure into our products.
The result: futomat - water, fresh, oxygen rich drinking water!

  • No reverse osmosis
  • No base water

Thomas R. Funk, company owner and proven expert in drinking water research an suppy

Everyone knows water. WITHOUT WATER, THERE IS NO LIFE! Do you use it responsibly? Do you know that the existing freshwater, which is essential for our survival, is being contaminated with an ever increasing number of man-made chemicals day-in, day-out and that particularly clever people are required to make it drinkable again? Cleaning it is ONE THING; giving it back the energy it has lost is ANOTHER.
The public water supply fulfills the task of making water drinkable again. Thomas R. Funk goes further. He gives tap water the energy back that it has lost on the long path to the end consumer.

futomat water is pure, oxygen-rich drinking water. It is helpful for your wellbeing.


Energy-rich drinking water: futomat's unique 4-stage system

1. Stage = filtration
Whether drinking water, bottled water or tap water – the same applies to them all: No drop of water is lost on earth. Freshwater must repeatedly be treated anew until it is available to us again as drinking water. It is understandable that we have become unsure when it comes to the degree of cleanness of potable water. Water that comes straight from the tap can have an energy-related problem and also a contamination problem. For this reason, it is advisable to filter tap water before you drink it. For this, futomat® uses a highly effective charcoal absorber. Of course, the minerals dissolved in the water are preserved.

2. Stage = magnetization
Carl Friedrich Gauß (1777-1855) successfully established a comprehensive theory of geomagnetism. Based on the so-called potential field, in 1839 he demonstrated that
the main part of the geomagnetic field actually comes from the earth's interior. Due to various influences, water that comes out of the tap has lost natural magnetic energy. If tap water is
magnetized, it regains a considerable amount of its naturalness and can thus be ingested and "used" better by the body. "Magnetic" water promotes an "orderly" electron transfer within and outside the cell.

3. Stage = Vortex Energy (patented process)
It is well-known that hurricanes and vortexes possess a very high level of energy. We find this to be the case with natural mountain streams as well. Such types of turbulence have an ordering and structuring impact on the molecular water clusters, which are responsible for passing on the information. By means of turbulence – such as in the case of a waterfall or a mountain stream – this happens in a natural way. Such water is prepared in ideal fashion for absorbing oxygen. In contrast, the water that is sent on its way to us consumers from reservoirs or deep wells has a considerable energy deficit. For this reason, it is important to energize our tap water. Through filtration, it acquires cleanness and through turbulence, oxygen enrichment and magnetization is gains naturalness and energy. Thanks to its patented process, futomat® is able to produce these energy-producing turbulence.

4. Stage = oxygen enrichment
If there is enough of both – water and oxygen – in the body, it has the opportunity to fulfill its tasks in optimum fashion and to remain healthy.

Oxygen Deficiency
If our body has too little oxygen, it reacts, for example, with headache, feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. We yawn a lot and feel worn out. Therefore, oxygen multistep therapy according to Ardenne and hematogenous oxidation therapy according to Wehrli attend to the oxygen content in the body and attempt to increase the oxygen content accordingly and thus restore the body's full functionality. However, there does not need to be an oxygen deficit in the first place: If you move about enough outside and also drink oxygen-rich water, this constitutes a great help for your body.

Oxygen content
Normal tap water has an oxygen content of approximately 4 to 10 mg per liter, while spring water has an oxygen content of max. 14 mg per liter. Water can be enriched with up to 80 mg oxygen and more per liter. Water enriched with oxygen contains the oxygen in the form of small, delicate bubbles that enter into the systemic circulation via the buccal mucosa and the tomentum when that water is sipped. The higher oxygen content of the blood after the dose of oxygen-enriched water is objectively measurable in the form of oxygen partial pressure.


futomat water Study - university study

Energy of turbulence:
In nature, turbulences enable not just cleaning, but also restructuring. They reduce the size of the cluster structure in the water and thus enable better absorption and transportation on the part of the water.

The University Study:
Red Blood Cells as a Model for Studying Biophysical Regulation Mechanisms.

Prof. Dr. Ingolf Bernhardt is a researcher and lecturer at Saarland University. He is the head
of the Central Isotope Laboratory and a biophysics research group. Along with his team, the scientist reached positive results with regard to the flow property of blood in combination with futomat water.


futomat-rouleau-study - chain like pile of red blood cells

Oxygen and water: Studies on drinking water enriched with oxygen demonstrate astonishing effects.

In 2008, we asked Dr. med. Jens-R. Collatz, head of the center of naturopathy "Der Fürstenhof" in Werne – Germany, to conduct a study. For a period of approximately 6 weeks, the study participants were given 1 liter of oxygen-rich drinking water to drink each day from the futomat water dispenser. Before and after the waters were drunk, a darkfield image was produced for each blood smear.

We presented this assessment to Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schmitz-Scherzer, a gerontologist recognized among experts. In summary, his assessment was as follows:
The inspection of the results of the rouleau study, which was mandated by futomat Thomas R. Funk in 2008 and was conducted by Dr. med. Jens-R. Collatz, head of the center for naturopathy "Der Fürstenhof" in Werne (Germany), shows that there were very often
both slight and marked improvements during the course of the several-week water-drinking program with
futomat drinking water. All of these improvements seem to be directly or indirectly connected to the oxygen
content. In addition to the patients' overall condition, their blood viscosity often improved as well. The clear improvement in circulation seems to entail further positive changes.

Mr. Thomas R. Funk, the Managing Director and Proprietor of futomat, summarizes:
"Even though it is not a scientifically recognized study, it highlights the positive impact of drinking oxygen-rich water. Whether a different type of water would have achieved just as good results, I cannot say. The study participants, who were supervised by Dr. Collatz during the implementation of the study, drank futomat water from the futomat® water dispenser."

Photos: Dr. med. Jens-R. Collatz ("The Fürstenhof", Werne - Germany)


futomat - TZW/DVGW - hygiene test

Water and oxygen are sensitive media: We took this into account when selecting the materials we use for the futomat water dispenser. We integrated more than 35 years of experience into a unique series of equipment.

The futomat water dispenser has passed the hygiene test!
The futomat water dispenser was tested by the Water Technology Center (TZW) according to the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) - Worksheet W 516 sections and

Note: The DVGW regulations stand for maximum consumer safety and health protection.
Conclusion: The futomat water dispenser has passed the hygiene test, so with the water dispensers from futomat you are always on the safe side.


futomat - user reviews

Experience reports:
The experience reports available to us from enthusiastic futomat water drinkers advocate the purchase of a futomat water dispenser.


Foreign license partners - worldwide.

The patented process can be integrated:

1. futomat - water dispenser:

  • TZW/DVGW-tested quality
  • Patented futomat process
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality equipment
  • Ideal for private and commercial use
  • Casing + body made of stainless steel
  • Grid-bound (termination)
  • Contents oxygen bottle: 1 liter
  • Dimensions in cm/device: WxHxD 25x40x15 (image)
  • Dimensions in cm/filter: Hx⌀ 30x16 (no image)

Continuous flow principle, no stockage. The water dispenser is connected directly to the drinking water tap! At the press of a button, you start your own water source.

Water filter: A charcoal absorber is connected to the device upstream. Note: the water must already be of drinking water quality.

The patented futomat process water turbulence, magnetization, oxygen enrichment, is integrated into the stylish futomat device.

  • Unique and incomparable: pure, oxygen-rich drinking water straight from your own "source".
  • We integrated more than 35 years of experience in the field of drinking water technology into a unique series of equipment.
  • First the cleaning: highly effective cleaning of the tap water by a filtration unit connected upstream to the device; monofilter casing including charcoal absorber cartridge (no image) / semi-annual filter cartridge change.
  • Then the energization – patented procedure: water turbulence, magnetization and oxygen enrichment.
  • Oxygenation is individually adjustable.
  • Oxygen bottle change: when the bottle is empty. Depending on device type and water consumption, approximately 1 x per year.

Installation graphic:

Ideally suited for "under-counter" installation in the
kitchen and for installation on the kitchen counter.


2. Water Bottling Plant

Are you a bottler that wants to bring energy of turbulence, oxygen and magnetism into your bottled water?
The futomat company is able to provide you with a technology that allows you to produce “Oxygen – enriched – drinking – water“, in your own plant.

Advantages of this technology:

  • Enrichment of the drinking water with oxygen
  • Centripetal whirling of the drinking water
  • Magnetization of the drinking water
  • Advanced technology, highest functionality
  • Easy connection to drinking water main

Specific output: on demand

The result: futomat Water – Ultra Premium Water. Unique: Patented process!

Picture: futomat Water swirl module - patented process

futomat Water swirl module in action:
1. open the internet page of youtube
2. keyword search: redleaf water
3. search: redleafpurewater
4. start the video


3. futomat - water business

Listen up, franchise companies!
Ideal for setting up small (1 module) and large (multiple modules) water sales points with the aim that customers come into the shop in order to either buy new water bottles (you offer a variety of sizes) or bring their own bottles with them in order to fill them with oxygen-rich drinking water on site. Everything that goes with drinking water, for example bottles, glasses, carafes, fruit juice concentrates, etc. can also be sold.


futomat - detailed information

Water is no cure-all. However, it is highly proven in concomitant therapy and as an effective medicine in prophylaxis and in rehabilitation. Side effects are unknown.

How much water per day?
A person's daily water requirement is subject to major fluctuations on an individualized basis. It is influenced particularly by climatic conditions and physical activity. On average, we consume approximately a liter of water through our food. An adult should drink an additional 1.5 to 2 liters of pure, fresh, natural water per day in order to keep the body's water balance in balance. Since they exude more water due to increased sweat formation, physically active people should drink correspondingly more.

"Water column" Person
A person's approximate liquid makeup:
Brain: 85%, Eyeball: 99%, Lymph: 95%, Blood: 83%, Lung: 84%, Liver: 85%, Intestines: 77%, Skin: 70%, Kidney: 83%, Bones: 25%, Muscles: 75% - Humans are actually "living water columns".

"Alkaline Water"
By means of "electrodialysis", tap water becomes "alkaline water". In the process, the pH value is increased. There are only a few people who can drink "alkaline water" for a certain period of time due to their symptoms.
futomat Water is no "Alkaline Water".

"Osmosis-treated Water"
In nature, there is no water like "osmosis water".
Not only hazardous substances are removed from water thus treated, but also natural salts and minerals. Water always pursues balance. If you drink this water, it will recover the substances it is missing from your body in order to regain its naturalness.
futomat Water is no "osmosis Water".


futomat – Water



futomat water is pure, oxygen-rich drinking water. It is helpful for your wellbeing.

Interested? Contact us and let us negotiate the conditions together.

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